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Laetitia, asteroid 39 (the 39th asteroid to be discovered, on February 8, 1856), is approximately 156 kilometers in diameter and has an orbital period of 4.6 years. It was named after the Latin word for gladness and gaiety. When prominent in a natal chart, Laetitia indicates a person with a generally positive attitude. Its location by sign and house indicates potential sources of happiness. When involved in many inharmonious aspects, Laetitia may show a person who is glad about the wrong things or unwisely optimistic.


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He should be spot on again today at his home track when Laetitia runs in the Grade 3 Bank of Ireland Mares Novices Chase.
The winner, Alpha Royale, was the shortest of the pair in the betting at 7-1 but it was Purcell's riding of the runner-up Laetitia that attracted all the attention.
Dutroux, Martin and Lelievre were arrested on August 13, 1996, a week after Laetitia Delhez, then 14, disappeared.
Whatever the style, there's no resisting Laetitia Sadier's cool, soothing vocals--with shades of bossa nova icon Astrud Gilberto--or the luscious melodies, which recall Brian Wilson at his elegant best.
Laetitia Casta, 21, will appear on French stamps, coins and as a bust in every town hall in the country after being chosen as "Marianne" - the female symbol of the French republic.
Pretentious is hardly the word for Laetitia Masson's third feature, "Love Me," the kind of juvenile, self-indulgent Gallic tripe that gives auteurism a bad name.
Tanaka, Fukuoka), who also won an additional 2,000 Swiss francs offered by Swiss Television; Yuka Kawai, 16, Japan (Reiko Matsuko, Nagoya); and Laetitia Lo Sardo, 16, France (Ecole National Superieure de Danse, Marseille).
9, the cardinal reflected on the pope's 2016 apostolic exhortation, Amoris Laetitia, calling aspects of it "nothing short of revolutionary" Cupich said that some critics "misinterpret and misunderstand" the document by not considering it in light of the new and various struggles facing families today
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