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1. a tropical American evergreen tree, Crescentia cujete, that produces large round gourds: family Bignoniaceae
2. another name for the bottle gourd
3. the gourd of either of these plants
4. the dried hollow shell of a gourd used as the bowl of a tobacco pipe, a bottle, rattle, etc.
5. calabash nutmeg a tropical African shrub, Monodora myristica, whose oily aromatic seeds can be used as nutmegs: family Annonaceae



a vessel made from the fruit of the calabash treeor from gourds. The calabash, intended primarily to store bever-ages, has been used in Africa, South America, and New Guineasince ancient times. Calabashes are often decorated with plant orgeometric designs done by burning, incising, or painting inbright natural colors.

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