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After all what is the use of an old Lahori who cannot eke out a column for a long lost soul, especially one with an interesting story to tell.
This was too much and in chaste Lahori Punjabi I reminded him that he was no saint, and narrated an incident in school concerning my brother, probably the naughtiest student to hit St.
No one in his wildest dream could make out that I am a Pakistani and a Lahori at that', he laughed openly.
So no matter where you go in the world you will find a Lahori, all well settled, confident of themselves, but with their minds and heart firmly in their amazing city, its food and its way of conducting life.
As mentioned earlier, she concludes her book with a poem by her own Lahori husband, Fakhar Zaman, of which the translation is as follows:
Lahoris walked through the debris, some bringing babies and small children, in defiance of the threat.
The British Council Library was long considered a cultural and intellectual fixture in the life of Lahoris and was widely missed when it closed.
Now moving down the gradient to discuss the particulars of this culture with reference to each stratus, Lahoris are famous for their love of travelling, food and their liveliness.
These thelas offer supposedly unhygienic yet masala rich food to the Lahoris like chaat, gol gappay, samosey, jalebi and such like.
Around 75pc of the Lahoris are found dressed in their national dress i.e.
Like food, Lahoris can wear anything whether it looks good on them or not.
Apart from it, various cultural shows and exhibitions enhance the worth of Lahori culture.Like food, Lahoris can wear anything whether it looks good on them or not.