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In contrast, the Akha, Hmong, Iu-Mien, Lahu, and Lisu are perceived as more recent and hence illegitimate migrants.
"To have a local currency denominat- ed PPA would be very exciting," says Va- lahu. "We're not there yet obviously for larger projects, where the equipment is imported, but for a smaller project defi- nitely."
More than 5.8 million of population are scattering in Shan State with 35.23 percent of Shan, 11.44 percent of Bamar, 8.94 percent of Pa-O, 7.06 percent of Palaung, 6.41 percent of "Wa", 4.46 per cent of Danu, 3.22 percent of Kokang, 4.05 percent of Lahu, 2.35 percent of Jaingphaw and 16.84 percent of other ethnics.
Transliteration: Qala amantum lahu qabla an athanalakum innahu lakabeerukumu allathee AAallamakumu assihrafalaoqattiAAanna aydiyakum waarjulakum min khilafinwalaosallibannakum fee juthooAAi annakhliwalataAAlamunna ayyuna ashaddu AAathaban waabqa
in a correct and grammatical way and is aware of the meaning and knows the dialects, but he is not familiar with the differences in recitations (wa la 'ilma lahu bi-l-qira'at) among people or sources; it may happen that his knowledge of i'rab leads him to recite in a mode (bi-harf) permitted by the rules of the Arabic language, but he can never recite by [the mode of the] predecessors (lam yaqra' bihi ahad min al-mddin); consequently he is an innovator (fa-yakunu bi-dhdlika mubtadican); reports prove this; it is transmitted from 'Abdullah b.
Zang-Mian toponyms include the Yi, Naxi, Bai, Lisu, Nu, Hani, Lahu, Jinuo, Zang, and Jingpuo languages.
Like his last film Guzrish , Bhansali has composed the songs of this film too, with his regular choice Shail Hada providing the vocals for ' Lahu Muh Lag Gaya'.
the Caspian Region, Officer-Coordinator for the South Caucasus William Lahu said that NATO is discussing with Azerbaijan use of
Additionally, six East Asian populations [Cambodian (n = 10), Daur (10), Lahu (8), Mongola (9), Yakut (15), and Yi (10)] were also included and analyzed separately.
I Rule: Idkhal al-kalam fi macani ma qablahu wa ma bacdahu awla min al-khuruj bihi canhuma illa bi dalil yajib al-taslim lahu (substituting word in the meaning its before and after the sentence is more essential than issuing of both unless there is an acceptable reasoning).
Moreover, people like the Lahu cannot go to cities to look for jobs because, without Thai identity cards, they face arrest there.