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, Ger. Laibach, city (1991 pop. 267,008), capital of Slovenia, on the Sava River. An industrial and transportation center, it has industries that manufacture textiles, paper, chemicals, and electronics.
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, Slovenia.
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(7) For the period 1980 to 1990, we selected the SKUC, the NSK with Laibach and the New Collectivism Studio, and the ASYS poster campaigns.
Such practices led to Laibach being banned and some of NSK's members being thrown into prison.
1591-1622/3), who began his career with studies at the Protestant Gymnasium Poeticum in Regensburg in the first decade of the seventeenth century and eventually moved south and east, first to Klagenfurt in Carinthia by 1614 and eventually to Carniola, from whose capital of Laibach (Ljubljana) he signed the dedication of his Musicalische Tafelfreudt in 1621 (published for the composer by Wagenmann in Nuremburg; modern edition by Metoda Kokole as vol.
Ljubljana first appeared in print in 1144 as the town of Laibach. The area to the south, an infertile bog, was settled during the Bronze Age by marsh dwellers who lived in round huts on stilts sunk into soggy soil.
1963) another fiction writer, moves from fairy tale to excruciating and oppressive detail in Intolerance (1987), and at times finds common ground with "the retroavantgarde Neue Slowenische Kunst movement, which includes the music group Laibach and the art group Irwin" (Mosaic, 74; see also Veiled).
'Laibach Lyrik: Slovenia 1991' is her most ambitious attempt.
(91.) See Ljubljana (Laibach), State and University Library, MS 30, for example.
As he euphorically remarked at the Congress of Laibach in 1821, "Is there anything in the world which today can take the place of ink, pens, a conference table with its green cover, and a few greater or smaller bunglers?"(59)