Lake City

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Lake City,

town (1990 pop. 10,005), seat of Columbia co., N Fla.; inc. 1921. It was founded in the 1830s as a military post. Lake City is located in a farm and cattle area and produces tobacco, lumber products, and naval stores. The city also has airplane repair centers and is the headquarters of Ocala National Forest. Area tourism adds to the economy.
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In three years he was better off than his neighbours, in six he was well-to-do, in nine he was rich, and in twelve there were not half a dozen men in the whole of Salt Lake City who could compare with him.
He and they had been among the Nevada Mountains prospecting for silver, and were returning to Salt Lake City in the hope of raising capital enough to work some lodes which they had discovered.
On leaving Omaha, it passes along the left bank of the Platte River as far as the junction of its northern branch, follows its southern branch, crosses the Laramie territory and the Wahsatch Mountains, turns the Great Salt Lake, and reaches Salt Lake City, the Mormon capital, plunges into the Tuilla Valley, across the American Desert, Cedar and Humboldt Mountains, the Sierra Nevada, and descends, via Sacramento, to the Pacific--its grade, even on the Rocky Mountains, never exceeding one hundred and twelve feet to the mile.
"Our cattle were all played out," Saxon was saying, "and winter was so near that we couldn't dare try to cross the Great American Desert, so our train stopped in Salt Lake City that winter.
It began at Salt Lake City with a hundred telephones, in 1880.
The airline said it will fly one daily roundtrip each between Salt Lake City and Boise and San Francisco, and two daily roundtrips between Salt Lake and Las Vegas.
Salt Lake City based roofing contractors, Lake City Exteriors Inc.
SALT LAKE CITY -- Robert Redford has been honored by Utah's governor for his on- and off-camera contributions to the state.
Romney, who took over at the helm of the Salt Lake City Organizing Committee after the group had been rocked by scandal and running up large deficits, said, "The single most important thing (in a successful bid) is the field of play and quality of experience for the athletes," citing the need for state-of-the-art venues and a world class Olympic Village.
Make out w/ person five years older than you: Ryan Sheckler, Salt Lake City, UT; Dennis Busenitz, San Francisco, CA; Jereme Rogers, NYC, NY; Tommy Sandoval, Birmingham, AL
of Salt Lake City, Utah, was at a local car wash when he noticed something with a silver hue protruding from a nearby garbage can.
During the 2002 Winter' Games, activist groups will descend on Salt Lake City to make their voices heard by an international media audience, one of the most prominent being Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays.

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