Lake Constance

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Constance, Lake,

Ger. Bodensee, lake, 208 sq mi (539 sq km), bordering on Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. It is 42 mi (68 km) long and has a maximum depth of 827 ft (252 m). The lake is fed and drained by the Rhine River and divides near the city of Konstanz (Constance) into two arms, Untersee and Überlinger See. The main body of the lake is called the Obersee. Fruit is grown on the lake's fertile shores, and wine making and fishing are major industries. The chief towns and cities of the lake are Konstanz, Friedrichshafen, and Lindau, all in Germany; Bregenz in Austria; and Rorschach in Switzerland. Remains of lake dwellings have been found.
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In a two-year research project that began in April 2019, biologists are examining whether fish in Lake Constance display toxic loading caused by the presence of Planktothrix rubescens - a form of bacterial algae.
Since their product launch in 2013, they helped save about 2.35 million hectolitres of water -- which is equivalent to almost five times the amount of water in Lake Constance.
WHAT river flows through Lake Constance? WHERE did King Farouk abdicate in 1952?
* In Germany on the vegetable island on Lake Constance, the fruits are growing on an area the size of no less than seven soccer fields.
Es Devlin's mammoth set consisted of two human forearms emerging from Lake Constance. The 21-metre high left hand held a 6-metre long lit cigarette, and the right hand reached 18 metres in the air.
Austria and Switzerland on Thursday took precautionary steps to prevent the spread of bird flu to domestic poultry after discovering cases of the disease in wild ducks around Lake Constance in the latest in a series of cases across Europe.
Val, who is best known for her suspense novels featuring Dr Tony Hill, said: "When Christmas dawned over Lake Constance, we were in the Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic in Uberlingen, Bavaria, celebrating the breaking of our 10-day fast with two prunes and a bowl of muesli.
After studying languages, Winkle became an exchange student aged 20 at the Schule Schloss Salem, on the banks of Germany's Lake Constance.
'Order in the Lake: Managing the Sustainability of the Lake Constance Fisheries, 1350-1900' by Michael Zeheter considers the world of commercial fishing and the painstaking attempts by the local fisheries of Lake Constance to protect stocks of fish including the valuable felchen, or whitefish, a species beloved of locals and tourists alike.
Two Liebherr mobile cranes have been enlisted to launch a 100-tonne motor ship at Germany's Lake Constance.

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