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(also Keret), a lake in northern Karelian ASSR. Area, 223 sq km (including its 130 islands, 275 sq km); elevation, 91 m; depth, approximately 4–5 m. The lake is overgrown in places. Although its shores are rather low-lying, they are rocky and very indented, with many winding bays. The southern part of the lake is known as Pirtozero, and the northern as Lake Plotichnoe. The principal tributaries from the west are the Kerzheva, Narva, and Nolia rivers. The Keret’ River flows out of the lake into the Kandalaksha Bay of the White Sea. The lake is fed by both snow and rain. It freezes in early November and thaws in late May. Keret’ Lake has many fish, including perch, pike, European cisco, and roach.

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