Lake Magadi

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Magadi, Lake

(məgä`dē), c.20 mi (30 km) long and 2 mi (3.2 km) wide, S Kenya, in the Great Rift Valley. Formed and constantly resupplied by volcanic springs, the lake has a thick crust of carbonate of soda. The crust is removed by a floating dredge and then pumped to refineries, where it is processed into soda ash (used in glassmaking).
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Other critical projects are Ngarisha Lake Naivasha, Suswa and Lake Magadi," Tobiko said.
RENT ARREARSBut looking at the poverty and lack of investments in Magadi after 100 years of exploitation of trona worth trillions of shillings, one question that lingered in my mind, is a question often asked throughout the continent: Lake Magadi has the world's largest deposit of soda ash but all around there is nothing to show, why?The answer lies in the lack of transparency in the governance of natural resources, corruption, and illegal outflows.When I visited Magadi, the company was still under the British conglomerate, Magadi Soda Company, before the 2005 purchase of controlling shares of Brunner Mond the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of soda ash by India's Tata Chemical.
Beside Lake Magadi, 100 kilometres (60 miles) southwest of the Kenyan capital Nairobi, young members of the Maasai community watched the eclipse through a high-powered telescope provided by a local couple.
The vast plain of the crater floor, with Lake Magadi in its midst, was spotted with migrating wildebeest and flamingos, while rhinos basked in the sun, and several lions looked on at the smorgasbord of prey in front of them with seeming delight.
Only this April, the Tanzanian president, Jakaya Kikwete, queried the delay and ordered that the project be speeded up for 'the benefit of the country, the same way as neighbouring Kenya benefits from soda ash from Lake Magadi'.
Trona, also called sodiumsesquicarbonate, occurs as a natural ore at locations all over the world; for example, in the US (the Green River Territory, Wyoming or Searles Lake, California), Mexico (Sosa Texcoco), Turkey (Beypazari) and Kenya (Lake Magadi).
Trona is produced from Lake Magadi by Magadi Soda plc (a wholly-owned subsidiary of ICI) which achieved a record production of nearly 241,000 t in 1989, about 80% of plant capacity.
Mara, Talek, Enkare Narok, Siyiabei and Ewuaso Ngiro, which are the major rivers in Narok County and a source of livelihood for millions of people, livestock and wildlife, are at all-time low levels.Siyiabei, Enkare Narok and Ewuaso Ngiro rivers pour their waters into Lake Magadi and Lake Natron in Tanzania, famous for flamingo breading.
The chief executive officer of the multinational soda ash mining company, Harish Nair, said NEMA and WARMA approved all the dyking works for diversion of the river to curb siltation in Lake Magadi.
Although flightless, ostriches have long, powerful legs that enable them to sustain speeds of 50km/h for up to half an hour; Flamingoes stand in channels between islands of soda in Lake Magadi, Kenya.