Lake Nasser

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Nasser, Lake,

c.1,550 sq mi (4,010 sq km), on the Nile River, SE Egypt and N Sudan, known as Lake Nubia in Sudan. Created in the 1960s, it extends c.350 mi (560 km) behind Aswan High Dam, submerging the more southern second and third cataracts. Lake Nasser averages c.6 mi (10 km) in width and is 600 ft (1,000 km) deep in places. The lake's rising waters forced more than 80,000 Nubian people to relocate and submerged many historic sites. Flooding is a perennial problem.
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Bioaccumulation of selected metals and histopathological alterations in tissues of Oreochromis niloticus and Lates niloticus from Lake Nasser, Egypt.
However, during the years 1996-2000, water levels in Lake Nasser reservoir reached high values: 178.54 m (in November 1996) and 181.19 m (in November 1998).
In an unprecedented attempt, Steigenberger is to begin operating three luxury cruise ships on the River Nile and Lake Nasser in Egypt.
The Toshka project, begun in 1997, was a massive endeavour to create a second Nile Valley by redirecting 10% of the country's water allotment from Lake Nasser to the southwestern desert.
They were moved in 1968 to a site nearby, when Lake Nasser was created by Aswan High Dam.
Egyptian photographer Sonbol provides the stupendous images, and writer and journalist Jobbins the explanatory text as they journey the great river from Abydos south through Dendera, Luxor, Esna, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Aswan, and Philae to Abu Simbel beyond Lake Nasser. The tour often leaves the boat, and the river, to visit ancient sites nearby.
But then journey's end is the Sun Temple of Abu Simbel, which was moved 61m up a mountain to save it from the waters of Lake Nasser.
Even in a land that specialises in the spectacular, these stand out - they were moved at a cost of pounds 26million to prevent them being drowned by Lake Nasser after the building of the Aswan Dam.
In the African/Middle East region, group tours are scheduled to South AfricaOs Eastern Cape, Namibia, West Africa, Libya (pending Libyan visa approval) and EgyptOs Nile River and Lake Nasser. On the Indian sub-continent, travelers can choose between North and South India (or both for those with more time), and attend a colorful festival on Kingdoms of the Himalayas -- Bhutan & Sikkim.
Wisner Award, established to recognize the graduate student with the most outstanding thesis on modern Egypt, was presented to political graduate student Hadeer El Shafie for her thesis on fishermen of Lake Nasser. El Shafie graduated from AUC with a bachelor degree in political science and plans to pursue her Ph.D.
We visited the High Dam at Aswan - a feat of modern engineering which created the world's largest artificial lake, Lake Nasser. And that afternoon the 22 of us boarded two feluccas for the cruise I'd been fretting about.
After driving dirt bikes through Europe, Syria and Jordan and enduring a horrifying crash that left 32-year-old Yarema Bezchlibnyk in pain and weary of "being completely shafted" in Egypt, they say their adventure really began.Bezchlibnyk, also a medical student, described the journey from Lake Nasser to Dongola, site of a mediaeval city, as a "spectacular ride, the landscape almost lunar" with rock formations jutting from the desert and blasted by the scorching heat."We got into the desert.