Lake Natron

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Natron, Lake

(nā`trən), c.35 mi (60 km) long and 15 mi (20 km) wide, in the Great Rift Valley, E Africa, on the Kenya-Tanzania border. It has soda, salt, and magnesite deposits.
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This demonstration project at Lake Natron Ramsar site , will improve livelihoods and biodiversity conservation through community eco-tourism and supporting natural resource decision making and management.
Meanwhile, River Ewuaso Ng'iro, which flows through Kajiado West subcounty from Narok to Lake Natron in Tanzania is at the brink of drying up.
!"The takeover of more than 224,000 acres of Maasai land by the soda ash conglomerate has been one of the most controversial colonial undertakings and that the current Governor has decided to take up the matter is an indicator that it has not rested.One of the leases in question covers the lake, while another portion covers the Kenyan side of Lake Natron.
These include Lake Victoria (shared by Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania), Lake Natron in Tanzania and Lake Turkana in Kenya.
Bright-red Lake Natron in Tanzania may not look inviting enough to take a dip -- and that's a good thing: its water is extremely alkaline.
Wellington, Oct 03 ( ANI ): Tanzania's lethal lake Natron turns any animal that touches it into stone, it has been revealed.
The white patterns in the ice are formed by air bubbles and cracks: ABOVE RIGHT: salt marshes on the southern bank of Lake Natron, Tanzania.
About three-quarters of the global population live in the Great Rift Valley in Africa, and almost all of these breed at only one site - Lake Natron in Tanzania.
THE CRIMSON WING: Mystery of The Flamingos (Cert PG, 74 mins, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, DVD pounds 17.99/Blu-ray pounds 23.99, Family/Documentary) Mariella Frostrup narrates a visually arresting nature documentary charting the lifecycle of the lesser flamingo at northern Tanzania's isolated Lake Natron, where a million beautiful birds congregate each year.
Their topics include tectonics, volcanism, and sedimentary paleo-environments during the Lower Pleistocene in the Lake Natron Basin, Tanzania; isotopic ecology and diets of fossil fauna from the T-1 paleosurface; the technology of the site complex; and the Acheulian sites from the south and north escarpments.
Narrated by Mariella Frostrup, overall the filmmakers tell the story of the Lake Natron flamingos to great effect.
Set against the remote wilderness of Lake Natron in northern Tanzania, the film follows the birth, life and survival of a million crimson-winged flamingos.