Lake Nyasa

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Nyasa, Lake

(nīăs`ə), or

Lake Malawi

(məlä`wē), Port. Niassa, c.11,600 sq mi (30,040 sq km), c.360 mi (580 km) long and from 15 to 50 mi (24–80 km) wide, E central Africa, in the Great Rift ValleyGreat Rift Valley,
geological fault system of SW Asia and E Africa. It extends c.3,000 mi (4,830 km) from N Syria to central Mozambique. The northernmost extension runs S through Syria and Lebanon, the Jordan valley, the Dead Sea, and the Gulf of Aqaba.
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. Lake Nyasa, the third largest lake in Africa, is bordered by Tanzania in the north and northeast, by Mozambique in the east, and by Malawi in the south and west. The lake is bounded by steep mountains, except in the south. Its main tributary is the Ruhuhu River in the northeast; the Shire (in the south), a tributary of the Zambezi, is the lake's sole outlet. There is regular steamship service on the lake. Overfishing has depleted the lake's fish stocks. Lake Nyasa was visited and named by the Scottish missionary David LivingstoneLivingstone, David
, 1813–73, Scottish missionary and explorer in Africa, the first European to cross the African continent. From 1841 to 1852, while a medical missionary for the London Missionary Society in what is now Botswana, he crossed the Kalahari desert and reached
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 in 1859. The northern portion of the lake is disputed between Malawi and Tanzania, with Malawi claiming all of it and Tanzania claiming the eastern half.
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This white oligarchy wanted to control the colony's prosperity and in 1938 proposed the creation of a federation of Northern Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia, and Nyasaland (now Malawi), an area to the northeast along the western bank of Lake Nyasa. This operation was viewed with mistrust by the black majority and by the Labor Party in Britain, but eventually led in 1953 to the creation of the Central African Federation.
Moving forward from one makeshift airfield to another, the few serviceable aircraft available covered vast areas of German and Portuguese East Africa, right down to the tip of Lake Nyasa. This gave the British an added advantage over the Germans yet they still failed to bring about Lettow-Vorbeck's surrender.
Geological forces were starting to tear the continent apart, opening up a gigantic fissure that would eventually run from the Jordan Valley in the north, to Lake Nyasa (now Lake Malawi) in the south.
Johnston relied heavily on the writings of other Britons who had lived and worked in the lake Nyasa region during the last quarter of the nineteenth century.(16) However, as a very widely read individual and a good synthesizer who was interested in, among other fields, anthropology and history, Johnston was not only able to present African life in a way that reflected his personal views but he was also able to place the African peoples of the region within the broader context of the on-going anthropological debates.
The trophic inter-relationships and ecology of some littoral communities of Lake Nyasa with especial reference to the fishes, and a discussion of the evolution of a group of rock-frequenting Cichlidae.
He discovered Lake Ngami (1849), the Zambesi River (1851), the Victoria Falls of the Zambesi (1855), and Lake Nyasa (1859).
Already Tanzania and Malawi are embroiled in a bitter conflict over Lake Malawi (Lake Nyasa in Tanzania) after Malawi gave the British oil firm, Surestream Resources, exploration rights over Lake Malawi.
In Tanzania, it is called Lake Nyasa, which is taken from Malawi's colonial name.
Nyasa, they replied, so Livingstone named it Lake Nyasa, not realising Nyasa actually meant 'lake' and that he had just committed a faux pas by naming one of Africa's most spectacular beauties 'Lake Lake'.
To stud at 4 years and dam of: Masai Warrior (1987 g by Petorius; winner), Lambada Girl (1988 f by Petorius; winner), Bahi (1989 c by Tate Gallery; Listed winner, Gr3-placed in Australia), Running Spear (1990 f by Commanche Run; unraced), Mountain Hop (1992 f by Tirol; unraced), Rainbow Java (1993 f by Fairy King; winner), Risk Material (1995 c by Danehill; Gr3 winner), Specifiedrisk (1996 f by Turtle Island; unraced), Lake Nyasa (1997 f by Lake Coniston; unplaced), Mr Dinos (1999 c by Desert King; dual Gr1 winner).