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Ohrid, Lake,

Albanian Ohrit, deepest lake of the Balkans, c.130 sq mi (340 sq km), on the North Macedonia–Albania border. It is connected with Lake PrespaPrespa, Lake
, Albanian Prespës, Macedonian Prespansko, 112 sq mi (290 sq km), SW North Macedonia, NW Greece, and E Albania; highest lake (alt. 2,798 ft/853 m) of the Balkans. It is connected with Lake Ohrid by underground channels.
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 by underground channels and is drained to the north by the Black Drin River. On its shores stand several monasteries, notably that of St. Naum (10th cent.).
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Ohrid, Lake


(Ohridsko jezero, Ligeni i Ohrit), a lake in Yugoslavia and Albania, lying in an intermontane tectonic depression at an elevation of 695 m. It covers an area of 348 sq km and has a maximum depth of 285 m.

The lake’s eastern and western shores are steep and precipitous, and its northern and southern coasts are flat. Lake Ohrid is linked by an underground channel (karst hollows) with Lake Prespa, which is located at a higher elevation and drains partially into Lake Ohrid. The Black Drin River, which empties into the Adriatic Sea, flows out of Lake Ohrid. The lake’s water level rises during spring and autumn. The water is unusually clear and has a summer temperature ranging from 18° to 24°C. The lake is important for fishing (carp, trout, and eels) and boating. The principal cities along the lake are Ohrid (Yugoslavia) on the northeastern shore and Pogradec (Albania) on the southern shore.

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Following UNESCO recommendations, illegal buildings on the shore of Lake Ohrid have been identified.
Lake Ohrid is thus getting connected with two more markets.
**Transport Minister Goran Sugarevski expects the procedure of changing the building land law to begin next week letting the central government take over the powers of the local authorities to run the coastline of Lake Ohrid in Ohrid, Struga and Debarca.
| Swimmer Yane Petrov, 64, beat the Guinness record for swimming with both hands and feet tied - completing 3,380m in Lake Ohrid, Macedonia, while in a sack.
Petkov, 64, swam 3,380 metres in Macedonia's Lake Ohrid, beating the record of Indian fisherman Gopal Kharvi, who in 2013 swam 3,071 metres in the Indian Ocean - though not in a sack.
It is situated close to the Albanian border; in fact, they share the serene Lake Ohrid.
Marija Taneski, a member of a Macedonian family that has brought cultured pearls to life from Lake Ohrid in her home country, said she was proud to showcase the unique treasures at her shop.
One such species is the Ohrid Trout - a declining population of 'living fossils' facing extinction in the crystal clear 3 million year old Lake Ohrid, which runs between Albania and Macedonia.
Efforts are made to relocate the funds from failed projects to other sectors, and several projects of crucial importance are among the failed ones, such as the project for improving the water supply and waste collection and purification of Lake Ohrid
In addition to its beaches on the Adriatic and Ionian seas, there is Lake Ohrid on the Macedonia-Albania border, southeastern Europe, which is one of the deepest and cleanest lakes in the world.

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