Lake Tanganyika

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Tanganyika, Lake,

second largest lake of Africa, c.12,700 sq mi (32,890 sq km), E central Africa on the borders of Tanzania, Congo (Kinshasa), Zambia, and Burundi. It is c.420 mi (680 km) long and up to 45 mi (72 km) wide. The lake lies in the Great Rift Valley (alt. 2,534 ft/772 m) and is the world's second deepest (c.4,700 ft/1,430 m) freshwater lake. Part of the lake's overflow eventually reaches the Atlantic Ocean by way of the Lukuga River. Lake Tanganyika has important fisheries and there are large populations of hippopotamuses and crocodiles. Steamer service connects the chief lakeside cities. David Livingstone and Henry M. Stanley explored (1871) the region. During World War I there were several small naval engagements between the British and the Germans on the lake.
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More than 300 cases of cholera were reported on Thursday across the Lake Tanganyika region and there are concerns the epidemic is yet to peak.
Initially they arrive on the shores Lake Tanganyika.
Another UAE firm, Ras Al Khaimah Gas, has submitted a bid for the Lake Tanganyika North block.
During the upcoming iPAD DRC Oil & Gas Forum in Kinshasa from 10-11 September, Dr Lehman will present a white paper on “From Curse to Cure: a special report on the impact of energy exploration and production in the Lake Tanganyika Basin,” as part of discussions on the infrastructural and environmental challenges and concerns surrounding the hydrocarbons sector.
Three genera occur in Tanzania: Aneurocoris is endemic to Lake Tanganyika, Ctenipocoris is uncommon and occurs in lentic habitats, and Laccocoris is commonly collected in the vegetated margins or shallow areas of streams.
There are currently to our knowledge at least three major active seismic programs on Lake Tanganyika including one recently completed by Beach Energy, an Australian company with a $1.
Beach tourism and water sports on Lake Tanganyika, development of housing, public buildings, hotel and lodges, marine transportation on Lake Tanganyika and development of infrastructures such as roads, railways, airports, marina and sports are among the major opportunities available in Burundi, according to Ndikumana.
When I followed the second link in the email, I came across the text of a 2006 book titled Bine Mene: Connecting the Hebrews, by "geoscientist" Samuel Were, which made a linguistics-based case for a tribe of ancient Israelites who "journeyed down to Lake Tanganyika and in an unexplained way ended up in Fiji.
He was famously greeted at Lake Tanganyika by journalist Henry Stanley with the words "Dr Livingstone, I presume?
Located on the north-eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika, Bujumbura is the country's largest city, main port and a busy commercial hub for Burundi's import and export trade.
Lala Salama is Swahili for good night and tells the story of a day in the life of a Tanzanian family along the banks of Lake Tanganyika, starting with the sun rise and concluding with the setting sun.
The link between dynamics of cholera and fluctuation of phytoplankton in Lake Tanganyika was studied by using remote sensing data of chlorophyll-a (in [micro]g/L) and field measurements from 2002 through 2006 (21-23).