Lago de Texcoco

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Texcoco, Lago de


a dry lake in Mexico. The lake, at an elevation of 2,239 m, is situated to the east of Mexico’s capital, Mexico City. Dust storms originating in the lake affect the climate of Mexico City.

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Jimenez said the airport, which has been under construction on the drained bed of Lake Texcoco on the eastern flank of Mexico City since 2015 and is around 20 to 30 percent complete, was over budget and behind schedule.
Hanging over the displays, large paintings show scenes of ancient life and provide a visual backdrop, such as the idealised view by Luis Covarrubias of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, floating like a Mexican Venice on Lake Texcoco, based, the label reads, 'on descriptions bequeathed by Hernan Cortes, Bernai Diaz del Castillo, and other soldiers who, in their chronicles, depicted these indigenous cities before their destruction'.
The Aztecs used to inhabit the area around Lake Texcoco, but after the Spanish conquered the Aztec empire in the early 16th century, they decided to build a city on top of it.
Rafael Landivar's epic Rusticatio Mexicana in turn discusses the founding of the cities that were built in Lake Texcoco, a unique feature of early Mexico.
In a previous study, soil of former lake Texcoco with pH 9.8 and electrolytic conductivity (EC) 32.7 dS [m.sup.-1] showed cellulolytic activity.
In 1889 he was invited by Mexican President Porfirio Daz to build a canal to drain the flood waters from Mexico City into Lake Texcoco.
Museum visitors enter the exhibit at Lake Texcoco, now a small marsh outside Mexico City, where the Aztec made their first permanent settlement.
The FPDT was instrumental in mobilizing local residents, who carried machetes during their protests, to defeat a proposal by President Vicente Fox's administration to construct a new airport terminal for Mexico City near Lake Texcoco in 2003 (see SourceMex, 2002-02-17 and 2003-06-04).