Lake Turkana

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Turkana, Lake,

c.2,500 sq mi (6,475 sq km), NW Kenya and SW Ethiopia, E Africa, in the Great Rift Valley; alt. 1,230 ft (375 m). Surrounded by desolate, volcanic mountains, the 170-mi-long (274-km) alkaline lake is the focus of interior drainage and has no outlet; it is becoming increasingly saline. The Omo River, in Ethiopia, supplies most of the lake's water; development of the river for hydropower and irrigation has reduced inflow. Fishing and tourism are economically important. Nearby is Kanapoi, an archaeological site with 4.1-million-year-old australopithecine fossils. It was formerly known as Lake Rudolf.
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In July schoolchildren around Lake Turkana were reported skipping classes to make money by fishing.
The Lake Turkana Wind Power project is made up of 365 turbines, each having a capacity of 850 kilowatts.
Lake Turkana Wind Power Ltd chairman, Mr Mugo Kibati, has said developing the manufacturing sector is key in ensuring that the ordinary mwananchi enjoys lower power costs.SH70 BILLION"There are contracts between the investors and the government which must be honoured, because it's a huge investment and there is only one buyer Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC)," said Mr Kibati during the commissioning of the Sh70 billion project and the Sh28 billion Loiyangalani-Suswa high-voltage power transmission line in Marsabit County.
In a statement, Kenya's National Police said, "Last evening at about 8pm, a helicopter crashed at Central Island National Park in Lake Turkana, killing all of its five occupants.
Magonga's chopper went off the radar while it was flying near Lake Turkana, ( according to one of his relatives, Richard Onyonka , a lawmaker from Kitutu Chache South.
Additionally, newcomers and locals faced a difficult environmental situation, as annual rainfall decreased during this period and Lake Turkana shrunk by as much as fifty percent.
Summary: The Lake Turkana Wind Power project offers Kenya national benefits but faces opposition from the local community.
It includes $3.3 billion capital value portfolio of assets, including the Kpone Independent Power Project in Ghana, Azura Edo in Nigeria and Lake Turkana Wind Power in Kenya.
The Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) project is both the largest single wind power project in Africa and the largest single private investment in Kenya's history.
At the same time, the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project, supported largely by the Bank, received the Ai Power Deal of the Year Award.
According to experts, the dam project threatens Lake Turkana -- the world's largest permanent desert lake -- and disaster for the 300,000 people from tribes living along its shores.