Lake Van

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Van, Lake

(vän), 1,453 sq mi (3,763 sq km), largest lake in Turkey, in E Turkey 65 mi (105 km) SW of Mt. AraratArarat
, Turkish Ağri Daği, name of two mountains, Little Ararat (12,877 ft/3,925 m) and Great Ararat (16,945 ft/5,165 m), E Turkey, near the Iranian and Armenian borders. The tradition that Mt.
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. Some 75 mi (120 km) long, the lake is alkaline and has no outlet; the city of VanVan
, city (1990 pop. 153,525), capital of Van prov., E Turkey, near the eastern shore of Lake Van, at an altitude of 5,659 ft (1,725 m). It is the trade center for a fruit- and grain-growing region.
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 is near the lake's east shore. The region around the lake was the site of the ancient kingdom of UrartuUrartu
, ancient kingdom of Armenia and N Mesopotamia, centered about Lake Van in present-day E Turkey. It was the biblical Ararat. Urartu flourished from the 13th cent. to the 7th cent. B.C., but was most powerful in the 8th cent. B.C., when it ruled over most of N Syria.
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 (or Ararat) and is traditionally regarded as the cradle of ancient ArmeniaArmenia
, Armenian Hayastan, officially Republic of Armenia, republic (2015 est. pop. 2,917,000), 11,500 sq mi (29,785 sq km), in the S Caucasus. Armenia is bounded by Turkey on the west, Azerbaijan on the east (the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan is on its
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. On the island of Akdamar (or Akhtamar) is the restored Armenian Church of the Holy Cross (915–21).
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Other manuscripts attest more modest, local contexts, as shown in the endearing self-portrait of Petros the monk and his three students in a late 14th-century manuscript from a monastery north of Lake Van (Fig.
I chose Van Bardakci village because for the past two decades I have spent almost every summer working on excavations at an Urartian fortress named Ayanis on the edge of Lake Van, opposite Mount Siiphan.
London [UK], December 04 ( ANI ): It seems like a miracle, as a team of researchers has discovered a lost 3,000-year-old castle Turkey's Lake Van.
The best example here is Lake Van in Turkey, for which satisfactory forecasting performance of water level was obtained from models based only on water level values from previous periods (Altunkaynak 2007).
The Lake Van Basin is located just north of the Bitlis-Zagros Thrust Zone that was formed by the collision of the Arabian and Eurasian plates (Figure 1).
Similarly, Lake Van Basin Tourism Association President Abdullah Tuncdemir underscored the difficult times the tourism sector is having in the east, saying that not a single reservation had been made in the Van basin for the first six months of 2016.
Arslan marched quickly with about 15,000 soldiers and reached Manzikert (modern Malazgirt in the eastern province of Mus in Turkey) on the Murat river, north of Lake Van. The sultan proposed terms of peace, which were scornfully rejected by Romanos, and the two forces waged the Battle of Manzikert.
The SVM method is applied to the monthly level data of Lake Van which is the biggest lake in Turkey and Lake Egirdir.
TURKEY SHOOT STRAIGHT from the Chelsea Flower Show to Heathrow to get to Lake Van in Turkey on the hunt for the earliest forms of the tulip for my next television series.
TURKEY SHOOT: Straight from Chelsea to Heathrow to get to Lake Van in Turkey on the hunt for the earliest forms of the tulip for my next television series.
Pakradounian's quest for answers is interwoven with the memory of ruined cities and vanished empires: Lake Van before the genocide, Beirut in civil war, Ottoman villas and desecrated churches, Palestinian refugee camps and torture chambers turned into nightclubs.