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Greece: see LaconiaLaconia
or Lacedaemon
, ancient region, S Peloponnesus, Greece, bounded on the W by Messenia and on the N by Arcadia and Argolis. On the Eurotas (now Evrotás), the principal river, stood Sparta, the capital.
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From the ancient athletes only Hipposthenes of Lakedaimon could be compared to him (five victories among adults and one as a youngster), who was in Sparta worshiped as heros and closer to him there was Hipposthenes' son Hetoimocles with a total of five Olympic victories.
Aristotle gives an example: "In Lakedaimon, they use each other's slaves as their own, so to speak, as well as horses and dogs, and provisions for travel, if they need any, from the farms throughout the territory" (Politics 1263a35-37).(36) This passage becomes a bit clearer if read in conjunction with Xenophon's discussion of these arrangements in the Lakedaimonian Constitution:
The persistent appearance of Heraklean imagery on the coins of Hellenistic Lakedaimon suggests that the hero came to be preferred to the Dioskouroi as a symbol of Spartan royalty, not only in conscious emulation of Alexander the Great, who also claimed Herakles as an ancestor, (25) but also because the hero conveniently symbolized monarchy rather than dyarchy.

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