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1. the skin of a lamb, esp with the wool still on
2. a cotton or woollen fabric resembling this skin



the skin of a lamb of a coarse-fleeced breed of sheep (excluding astrakhan sheep) that has died or been killed before the age of two weeks. The hair on a lambskin forms cylindrical, bean-shaped, and ring-shaped curls of large to small sizes, and there are transitions to straight hair. Lambskin is considerably inferior to karakul and other astrakhan skins in quality of fur and the flesh side of the hide. It is used to make collars, hats, and coats.

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"Abattoirs were moved away from residential areas many years ago, yet the council have allowed this one to remain and continue expanding to the detriment of the local community." The businessman claimed that up to 300 neighbours had signed a petition against the abattoir bosses' application to use a recently acquired industrial unit to salt and skin sheep and lamb's skin, which the council approved in 2007.