Lamb, William

Lamb, William:

see Melbourne, William Lamb, 2d ViscountMelbourne, William Lamb, 2d Viscount
, 1779–1848, British statesman. He entered Parliament as a Whig in 1805, was (1827–28) chief secretary for Ireland, and entered (1828) the House of Lords on the death of
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The cast has also been bolstered by a variety of local actors such as Simon Lloyd-Roberts, Dylan Jones, Iago McGuire, Neil Williams, David Lamb, William Huw and Neil Scullard.
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His friends, who by 1803 included Charles Lamb, William Wordsworth, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, encouraged his ambitions as a painter; yet in 1805 he decided to devote himself to metaphysics and the study of philosophy.
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