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book of the Bible, placed immediately after Jeremiah, to whose author it has been ascribed since ancient times. It was probably composed by several authors. It is a series of five poems mourning the destruction of Jerusalem by Babylon. Each of the the first four poems is an alphabetical acrostic, the third having three verses to the letter, instead of one. The book begins with dirges, followed by a psalm of lament with expressions of trust. The psalm is followed by another dirge expressing grief and longing for divine intervention. It concludes with a lament and a prayer for the restoration of the fortunes of Jerusalem.


See study by D. R. Hillers (rev. ed. 1992). See also bibliography under Old TestamentOld Testament,
Christian name for the Hebrew Bible, which serves as the first division of the Christian Bible (see New Testament). The designations "Old" and "New" seem to have been adopted after c.A.D.
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I could not forbear asking him some questions about those lamentations, which we heard upon our entering into that place.
His look never changed throughout the whole of the scene, nor did a muscle move in his rigid countenance, even at the wildest or the most pathetic parts of the lamentation.
Instantly all was explained--the wailing and lamentation, the pleading of the black mother, the sympathetic howling of the shes about the fire.
When Tarzan came to the cave mouth the hyenas were nowhere in sight, and after permitting Tibo to quench his thirst in the spring which rose near by, he lifted the boy to his shoulders and set off toward the jungle at a rapid trot, determined to still the annoying howlings of Momaya as quickly as possible, for he shrewdly had guessed that the absence of her balu was the cause of her lamentation.
But soon their murmurs turned again into lamentation when they saw what was to come.
The Biblical Book of Lamentations has been studied for centuries, since it has been known for about 2 millennia longer than the Sumerian Laments.
The second contributor is Andrea Kucharek, who presents ancient Egyptian lamentations over the dead and the texts known as the Osiris Lamentations.
Lamentations of a Dad is a wonderfully heartwarming memoir that will lift your spirits and show you that even when tragedy strikes, there are always rainbows that emerge from the darkness and gloom.
The verses in Lamentations that address famine and Jerusalem's yearning for bread had a "literal parallel in the bodies of the [Tenebrae] participants (p.
My lamentation is that some people are abusive of their right.
She has organized the material in eight chapters devoted to an introduction to the reading of Lamentations, reading Lamentations 1 as a polyphony, reading Lamentations 2 as a polyphony, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
It is out of that unspeakable pain that Lamentations speaks, doing so in poetry of astonishing beauty and intricacy, though soaked in tears.