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lamp shell,

common name for animals of the phylum BrachiopodaBrachiopoda
, phylum of shelled sessile or sedentary marine animals, commonly known as lamp shells, and characterized by a peculiar feeding organ, the lophophore. The shell consists of two parts, called valves, that completely enclose the body; the external appearance of the
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The lamp shells, acorn worms and peanut worms include organisms that burrow in sediments of marine and estuarine habitats worldwide.
In this study we followed Cutler (1994) and Emig (1983, 1997) morphological criteria for the identification of the peanut worms as Sipunculus nudus and Apionsoma trichocephalus, and the lamp shells as Glottidia audebarti and G.
The lamp shells, on the other hand, never recovered.