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river, China: see MekongMekong
, Chinese Lancang, one of the great rivers of SE Asia, c.2,600 mi (4,180 km) long. From its marshy source (definitively identified in 1994) on the Rup-sa Pass in the highlands of Tibet, it rises as the Za Qu (Dza Chu) and flows generally S through Yunnan prov.
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The main deformation direction of the landslide deposit slightly sliding to the Zhenggang gully is towards the Lancang River.
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At present, a hydraulic generator installed mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River, Yellow River, the Dadu River and Lancang these large hydropower bases, by 2010, the hydropower development of these four hydropower bases are 78.7%, 34.4%, 25.6% and 23.3% respectively, and the average amount of hydropower development in the country is 25.3%.
I would like to show my gratitude to Rector of Lancang Kuning University Pekanbaru Indonesia.
The distances from Arun's Blanc Lancang terminal to Japanese terminals range from 3,035 miles to Tobata to 3,550 miles to Higashi-Ohgishima.
For instance, Huaneng Lancang River Hydropower Company Limited is responsible for the construction and operation of hydropower facilities in the Lancang River of the Yunnan province.

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