Nicolas Lancret

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Lancret, Nicolas


Born Jan. 22, 1690, in Paris; died there Sept. 14, 1743. French rococo painter.

Lancret was strongly influenced by A. Watteau. In 1719 he was received into the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture as a master of fêtes galantes. Lancret also painted landscapes, theater and genre scenes, and portraits. His works include The Dancer Camargot (c. 1730, Hermitage, Leningrad), Concert in the Park (Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow), and The Music Lesson (Louvre, Paris). Lancret’s paintings are noted for a refined, somewhat pale palette, a decorative, soft painterly manner, and an occasionally superficial treatment of the subject matter (particularly apparent when compared with the works of A. Watteau).


Wildenstein, G. Lancret: Biographie et catalogue critique. Paris, 1924.
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The four big lots all found new homes--only just in the case of Autumn, a fete champetre by Lancret, which came with a gung-ho estimate of $2m-$4m and sold on a solitary bid of $1.
la elegancia de las formas, la de los gestos y del espiritu de los personajes llega muy cerca de ciertas figuras de Watteau, Lancret y Nattier.
Unlike French women painters, who were limited by enforced proprieties to working on still lifes and portraits, Anna-Dorothea Therbusch painted in a variety of genres that were forbidden to women, such as mythological scenes, mostly in a rococo style influenced by Coypel, Lancret, and Watteau.
Highlights include works by the major French draughtsmen of the 18th century, including Fragonard, Boucher and Greuze, and beautiful sketches by Lancret, the Saint-Aubins and Le Prince.
Less translunary and less profound are the Pastoral Scene of Boucher, who revered Watteau, and The Swing by Nicolas Lancret, who was Watteau's pupil.
The rehabilitation of Boucher, Lancret, Pater, and 'Diderot's painters' was posthumous revenge on their Davidian detractors.
This sometimes took outlandish form, as when the Duc d'Antin (who was then in charge of all royal patronage) commissioned Warteau's follower Nicolas Lancret to depict Louis XV's Polish-born bride and her entourage bogged down in the mud on the way to her wedding in 1725: The painter was instructed just how to represent the various humiliations of the ladies-in-waiting and to "include the most grotesque and messy details he can.
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Jointly organized by the American Federation of Arts and the Musee Picardie, Amiens, the exhibition comprises 76 paintings--many quite magnificent--including the works of familiar masters such as Francois Boucher, Jean-Simeon Chardin, Jean-Honore Fragonard, Nicolas Lancret, and Hubert Robert.
Unlike many studies of traditional architecture, which have tended to present a single, idealized version of the house, Lancret sets out to examine the whole range of possible transformations of basic ideas and principles of architecture and cosmology which may be found where people are obliged to build in new settings.
Well yes, it probably does, but it also owes a lot to Watteau and Lancret - not even mentioned here.
Lancret', but no Lancret is known subsequently to the famous Nicolas Lancret, who died in 1743.