Land Cadastre

Land Cadastre


the aggregate of authentic information on the natural condition, economic use, and legal status of the land.

In the USSR, the keeping of the land cadastre is provided for in the Basic Principles of Land Legislation of the USSR and the Union Republics of 1968 (art. 46). A uniform system is used throughout the country for the national accounting of the land. The system includes registration data on land allotment and use, the account of the size and quality of the land, data on soil appraisal, and the economic assessment of all the lands of the single united national land fund. These data are essential for the organization of a rational utilization of land and its conservation, the planning of the national economy, the rational distribution and specialization of agricultural production, and land reclamation, as well as for the implementation of other economic measures in connection with land utilization. The procedure of the keeping of the cadastre, the prescribed forms of documentation, and the intervals for updating and specifying the relevant information are established by the Council of Ministers of the USSR.

Land cadastres are also kept in foreign socialist countries. In most European socialist countries, considerable effort went into renewing the land cadastres established before the people’s democracies came to power.

In the majority of bourgeois countries land cadastres are also kept, and the available information is widely used for such purposes as the taxation of landowners and the registration of land transactions and land mortgages.

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Since the beginning of 2019, 33,973 applications have been submitted to the General Directorate of the State Geocadastre in Zaporizhia Oblast for the provision of administrative services related to the maintenance of the State Land Cadastre.
In January-June 2019, Azerbaijani citizens purchased 531 real estate properties in Turkey, which is 117 real estate properties more than in the same period last year,Trendreports with reference to Turkish state body for land cadastre and sale.
Joseph Muscat, the Prime Minister of Malta, is known for his statement made in front of the leaders of the European Union: "Cryptocurrencies cannot be stopped." In the country, he promotes decentralized technologies: at the initiative of the prime minister, a working group on blockchain issues was formed, including the representatives of the government and private companies, and in the near future it is planned to introduce blockchain in the land cadastre and the national medical register.
KazEOSat-1 is designed to provide a full range of remote sensing services to obtain images of the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as other plots of Earth for monitoring, prevention of natural disasters, conducting the land cadastre, mapping to ensure defence and security of the country.
In the land cadastre there are 24,000 km, representing just over 19% of the total area of the country and the project would increase it to 33,000 km.
Concerning economic and social development (Euro 17.75 million), assistance will go for example towards developing legislation in the fields of agriculture and food products, consumer protection, standardisation and the further reform of land cadastre and land registry.
Among the free services were such as state registration of land plots - 28 151, issuance of extracts from the State land cadastre about the land plot for confirmation of its state registration - 24 849, providing a certificate from the state statistical report on the availability of land and their distribution by land owners, land users , land - 5 008, correction of a technical error in the information from the State Land Cadastre, which was admitted by the body carrying out its management - 17 315.
The main activities of the State Committee are the management of state property, attraction of investments, maintenance of a single cadastre of immovable property, maintenance of a land cadastre, organization of a land market, protection and improvement of land quality.
The delegation is planning to organize a Road Show aimed at providing information about technologies, development and current state of automobile roads, railways, water resources, reconstruction of cities, land cadastre, geographic informational system of the Republic of Korea, which will allow reflection on Kyrgyz vision in expanding mutually beneficial cooperation between our countries.
GURS, which is in charge of keeping the land cadastre records, strives to improve the data quality of all real estate records within the scope of its competences, regular maintenance procedures and special projects.