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What does it mean when you dream about an enclosure?

If we dream about being inside an enclosure, it often represents our psychological defenses, such as our pride or anger. If we feel trapped within the enclosure, it may refer to our life circumstances, such as feeling bound to a particular job, relationship, or location.

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Asserting that 1957 was "a year consolidation", the Nyanza province annual report added that the most spectacular progress during the year was made in the field of land enclosure and consolidation.
Land enclosure in the last 100 years has brought about an unnatural reforestation of the prairies.
l For centuries Tal y Fan was a busy community built around the Roman road to Anglesey but villagers moved out following land enclosure in the 1800sTo order your copy of this picture, fill in the form on page 4
Irene Collins, in Jane Austen and the Clergy, has called land enclosure "the outstanding economic development" of Jane Austen's day, asserting that Austen views enclosure as a "symbol of hope" when Persuasion's Anne Elliot thinks wistfully of her youth as she walks through an enclosed farm field (175).
Accordingly, the volume begins with James Siemon's analysis of the debate about land enclosure in early modern England, which manages to pinpoint the delicate ideological shift that turned the very idea of profit into "a proper end of property rather than a synonym for appropriation and violation of the moral economy" (23); and William C.
SIR - Whatever your views about fox-hunting with dogs, it's apparent to the astute observer that bigger issues are unfolding, of which fox-hunting is part of a much greater ground-swell of social and cultural change; unequalled, perhaps, since land enclosure and Luddite protest of the past.