Landing Ships

Landing Ships


a class of surface warships designed to transport and land naval landing forces.

The forerunners of modern landing ships included the el’pidifory, small general-purpose transport-landing and unloading vessels, and bolindery, transport-loading vessels, which were first used in the Russian Black Sea Fleet during World War I. Landing ships were developed significantly during World War II and especially in the postwar period. Depending on the objective there are large, medium-sized, and small landing ships and craft. In the navies of the United States, Great Britain, France, and other countries, landing ships are divided into general-purpose landing ships, infantry-landing and tank-landing ships, transport docks, helicopter carriers and helicopter transport docks, troop and cargo landing craft (transports), and landing craft. Modern landing ships have small drafts and large capacities (landing decks and inside areas); they can take on and unload landing parties where the coast has been prepared (docks and ports) or where it has not (such as beaches and reaches); and they can cover great distances in stormy weather.

The tactical and technical characteristics of landing ships depend on their designation. For example, the American medium tank-landing ships (LSM) have a displacement of up to 1,000 tons and take up to ten tanks and 100 marines on board. Large tank-landing ships (LST) have a displacement of 4,000 to 8,000 tons, travel at 12-20 knots (22-37 km/hr), and can carry four landing craft, 30 tanks, and 500-700 marines. Landing ship docks (LSD) have displacements of 8,000 to 14,000 tons, travel at 22-27 knots (41-50 km/hr), and hold 18-20 landing craft, eight helicopters, and 300-400 marines. All landing ships have artillery (primarily antiaircraft artillery) for self-defense. During landing operations they have cover from warships and naval aviation.


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Uncertainty surrounds the futures of landing ships Bulwark and Albion and hundreds of Royal Marines.
Ingalls president Brian Cuccias said that the LX(R) is intended to replace the Navy's Harpers Ferry- and Whidbey Island-class dock landing ships.
This new, and superfluous, vehicle - at around 40 tonnes - is not suitable for this purpose, nor is there the strategic logistical support to support such deployments especially after the government sold off one of the Bay class landing ships.
PARIS, Sept 23 (KUNA) -- France agreed with Egypt on the sale of the two "Mistral" transport and landing ships, after cancelling a deal with Russia because of the Ukraine crisis, French Presidency said on Wednesday.
Two large landing ships of the Russian Navy will be attached to it at various stages of the mission.
Already in place in the eastern Mediterranean is the frigate Neustrashimy, as well as the landing ships Alexander Shabalin, the Admiral Nevelsky and the Peresvet, AFP reported.
According to the Philippine government document, China's naval forces deployed in the South China Sea include destroyers, frigates, landing ships, and Chinese marine surveillance and fisheries law enforcement ships.
The detachment consisting of The Admiral Panteleyev major anti-submarine ship, The Admiral Nevelskoy and The Peresvet large landing ships, The Foty Krylov ocean-going rescue ship, and The Pechenga sea tanker left Vladivostok on the 19th of April to do combat duty in the world ocean.
The new force, drawn from warships in the Mediterranean and home waters include two carriers, HMS Invincible and HMS Hermes with their Sea Harrier jump jets and Sea King helicopters, at least 26 destroyers and frigates, the amphibious warfare ship HMS Intrepid, which was recently reprieved from the defence cuts, and a number of landing ships.
They range from ocean tugs, small transports, and landing ships, to patrol crafts, submarine chasers, and self-propelled water barges.
The source added that the frigate Yaroslav Mudri in addition to the landing ships of Kaliningrad and Alexander Shabalin have completed their duties and left Beirut port in Lebanon heading to Tartous port in Syria.
The reports said the Azov and Nikolai Filchenkov landing ships had also been sent to Syria from their Russian bases.