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the floor area at the top of a flight of stairs or between two flights of stairs
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The horizontal platform at the end of a stair flight or between two flights of stairs.

half-space landing

A stair landing at the junction of two flights which reverses direction, making a turn of 180 degrees. Such a landing includes the width of both flights, plus the well.

quarter-space landing

A square landing connecting two flights of stairs that continue in a straight line.
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What does it mean when you dream about an airplane landing?

An airplane landing may be a symbol for feelings of completion. The dreamer may have felt out of control with issues that were “up in the air” but are being grounded.

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(civil engineering)
A place where boats receive or discharge passengers, freight, and so on.
(mining engineering)
Level stage in a shaft at which cages are loaded and discharged.
The top or bottom of a slope, shaft, or inclined plane.
The termination of an aircraft's flight or of a ship's voyage.
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landing, pace, stair landing

The horizontal platform at the end of a stair flight or between two flights of stairs.
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i. With respect to an aircraft, the act of coming into contact with a supporting surface.
ii. With respect to an airship or a free balloon, the act of bringing the airship or balloon under restraint.
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References in classic literature ?
As he began to flounder ashore through the mud, I started to flounder out into it, going over the same course which the Chinese had taken in landing me and in returning to the junk.
Therefore I could have left the island only by going over the tracks of the junk landing. This he proceeded to verify by wading out over them himself, lighting matches as he came along.
But for an unfortunate remark of his, he would no doubt have entered at once upon a successful career at Dawson's Landing. But he made his fatal remark the first day he spent in the village, and it "gaged" him.
They stopped on the landing, and rang the bell at a door opposite to Parfen's own lodging.
The workman assented, and followed her to the landing.
"No it can't be, that would be too extraordinary," and at the very moment she thought this, the face and figure of Prince Andrew, in a fur cloak the deep collar of which covered with snow, appeared on the landing where the footman stood with the candle.
The lights from the lanterns dimly showed the way, but it was a gloomy journey, and they were pleased when a broad streak of light ahead assured them they were coming to a second landing.
(2007) Effects of gender and foot-landing techniques on lower extremity kinematics during drop-jump landings. Journal of Applied Biomechanics 23(4), 289-299.
Passenger Mike Kaufman, speaking from his seat on the plane back at Gatwick, said: "This was one of the greatest emergency landings in history.
KARACHI, September 04, 2011 (Frontier Star): Two ATR passenger aircraft of PIA were forced to make emergency landings, over engine failures at Karachi airport.
The cable landing near Doha is one of 10 planned cable landings around the Gulf region.
The highly procedural and regimented program of the training command is an excellent reference for emphasizing the basics of vertical landings. Students are given a book that tells them how to land; if only it were that easy.