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(1) In Russia from 1713 to 1719, a councillor taken from among the noblemen of a district. The office of landrat was introduced by Peter I. To administer a province, a province collegium was formed consisting of eight to 12 landrats (depending on the number of districts in the province). In 1719, landrats were replaced by voevody (military governors), who were appointed by the government.

(2) In the Federal Republic of Germany the head of a district body of local government.

(3) A legislative body in some cantons of Switzerland.

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In one case, the district governor (Landrat) reported that the barns and stalls of a number of large estates had recently gone up in arsonists' flames, "mainly - it seems - to get hold of the meat of the burned sheep, for bands of people, including many women, streamed in from miles around, with sacks and knives, and consumed part of the smoking cadavers of the burned animals on the spot, carrying off the rest in their sacks" (p.