Landsberg am Lech

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Landsberg am Lech

(länts`bĕrk äm lĕkh) or


town (1994 pop. 23,810), Bavaria, SW Germany, on the Lech River. Textiles, metal goods, and paper are manufactured. Its fortress served as a political prison; Adolf Hitler wrote Mein Kampf while imprisoned there in 1923–24, and numerous convicted Nazi war criminals were held there after 1945.
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At the time of the BBC appeal in 1946 Jacob was in a Displaced Person Camp, in Landsberg, Bavaria. That was the town where Adolf Hitler had written his evil Mein Kampf manifesto in the 1920s.
appears superimposed on footage of a Hitlerjugend rally in Landsberg, Bavaria, in the late 1930s, and echoes the fiery letters heralding the demonic invocation in F.
But he was also a cultured man, the product of an education at the Jesuit seminary in Landsberg, Bavaria. Schmid, like other outstanding musicians produced by this school, had a keen interest in fine woodworking, especially the construction of all sorts of musical instruments.

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