Land's End

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Land's End,

promontory, Cornwall, SW England, forming the westernmost extremity of the English mainland. Of wave-carved granite, it has cliffs c.60 ft (20 m) high. Offshore are reefs and rocky islets, on one of which is Longships Lighthouse. Land's End is a major tourist attraction.

Land’s End

the southwestern tip of Britain. [Geography: Misc.]
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Jack and son Roy at Landsend for Jack's charity bike ride in 1997
Measured by length of time spent at the sites, the winner in October was Landsend.
In terms of amount of time spent on each site, LandsEnd.
Penney and Sears drew the largest number of shoppers among home furnishings sites in September, but the surfers spent the longest amount of time at Landsend.
The site with the next longest average stay was Landsend.