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(1) The parliament of the Aland Islands. The Landsting is elected by the population for three years. It has 30 deputies. Its executive organ is the provincial administration, headed by a provincial councillor chosen by the Landsting. Its authority is restricted to local administration.

(2) Since 1862, the representative bodies of local self-government in each county (Iä n) of Sweden. The deputies, numbering at least 20, are elected by the population for four years.

(3) Until 1953, the name of the upper chamber of the parliament of Denmark.

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Coor AB (STO:COOR), a provider of facility management services in the Nordics, announced on Thursday that Stockholms lans landsting (Stockholm County Council) and Karolinska University Hospital received the keys to the first part of New Karolinska Solna hospital.
The company stated that this assignment between Stockholms lans landsting and Swedish Hospital Partners (SHP), a joint venture between Skanska and Innisfree, was signed in 2010, with Coor selected as its service provider.
And when Stockholm County Council, Stockholms Lans Landsting (SLL) (Sweden), required a single entry portal for all of its healthcare applications, it turned to HP.
Stockholms lns landsting, Monica Prabhakar, e-post: monica.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-12 August 2004-Sigma AB sells Sigma Kommun & Landsting to Woodside Corporation(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The Swedish IT company Sigma AB said on Wednesday (11 August) that it had sold its subsidiary Sigma Kommun & Landsting to the Switzerland-based international group Woodside Corporation.
Kalmar Landsting has decided to buy Mobimed for 10 ambulances and 1 hospital.
Major organization : VSTERBOTTENS LNS LANDSTING (232100-0222)
Vsterbottens lns landsting upphandlar Frg- och monteringsinstrument fr vvnadsprover till Klinisk patologi Histopatologi.
Implementing agency : Stockholms lns landsting, Landstingsstyrelsens frvaltning