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In the case of our fictional Landsturm infantry squad, they were lucky to be armed with captured bolt action Russian Model 1891 Three-Line Rifles at a time when many units were still issued obsolete black-powder single-shot rifles.
More uniform views of our Austro-Hungarian Landsturm are available at
Interestingly, what historians refer to the as the Ersatz units--usually mixed Landwehr and Landsturm formations--which were used to garrison Germany's eastern conquests, were among the first to disintegrate and head home without orders.
The German Army by 1918 did not have enough personnel to serve as prison camp guards, and those it did have were Landsturm men, old or unfit.
He renders Unter den Linden as "Unter den Lenten," Landsturm as "Landstrum," Dreyse as "Dryse," Humboldt as "Humbolt," and so on.
As Gew 98 production numbers increased, the Gew 88 was gradually withdrawn from service, first among the regular army, followed by the Landwehr and eventually the Landsturm.
The 88/05 was intended to serve as a stopgap issue for the Landwehr, then to the Landsturm, as the Imperial German Army was reequipped with the Gew 98 and Kar 98.
A substantial number of Model 1867 and 1873 Werndls still on hand in 1914 eventually saw service with the Landsturm during WWI.