Language Laboratory

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Language Laboratory


a special classroom equipped with acoustic devices and equipment for the projection of slides and films. This apparatus creates ideal conditions for students working independently. The audiovisual method makes it possible for students to master the speech habits of a foreign language or to acquire the cultured speech of their native language. The audiovisual method is also used in theatrical schools for teaching professional acting techniques.

The apparatus in the language laboratory includes tape recorders, record players, and an amplifier for the microphone and head set installed at each student’s cubicle. This apparatus permits the instructor to perform the following tasks: to organize and control the independent work of each student by means of individual instruction; to conduct several courses of study at the same time for different groups of students; to pair off students for dialogues and to take part in their conversation; to record and play back the speech of the students; and to comment on tape recordings, slides, and films.

The language laboratory’s tape library contains various instructional aids: courses in foreign languages, courses in Russian, and recorded texts in the native languages and literatures of the peoples of the USSR.

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Abd al Rahim expressed appreciation for the Japanese grant indicating that it would help in enhancing teaching of Japanese language by providing PCs, language laboratory software, Japanese multimedia, teaching materials and other related items.
Elsewhere in the school were the facilities that even in post-war education were considered to be exceptional such as metalwork rooms, art rooms and even a language laboratory as well as a commerce room where typing and short hand were taught.
The centre has a total built-up area of nearly 3,200sq m and its range of facilities includes classrooms, workshops, demonstration rooms, a language laboratory and a simulation room.
Abu Dhabi New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) inaugurated a Neuroscience of Language Laboratory last week to enable researchers to better understand brain activity associated with various cognitive processes.
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In this paper, the literature related to the use of technology m the languages classroom will be explored, n relation to the teaching and learning methodologies and approaches past and present as well as current research, comparisons are mace between the audio-lingual/visual classroom and the digital classroom by way of describing and comparing the language laboratory classroom and the iPod Touch classroom.
The minister said he would use the interview as an opportunity to tell management of different media houses especially those involvde in the broadcast to provide a well equipped in--house language laboratory fitted with microphones, recorders and headphones which will allow newscasters to practice, record themselves and playback to refine oral delivery.
We will assist efforts to establish a language laboratory in the university in the future, Jassal said.
Edu4, who designs multimedia teaching equipment, is offering new tools that make teaching faster, more efficient and more attractive such as : mobile classrooms (mobile carts, or suitcase-style carrying case), innovative multimedia language laboratory (touch screen technology), multimedia classrooms, multimedia furniture and interactive whiteboard.
Anthony directs the International Language Laboratory at Hudson Valley Community College.
The University of Jordan on Tuesday received a language laboratory donated by the Chinese government to support a Chinese language program introduced last year.

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