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language code

(human language, standard)
A set of standard names and abbreviations maintained by ISO for identifying human languages, natural and invented, past and present. Each language has a list of English and French names and an ISO 639-2 three-letter code. Some also have an ISO 639-1 two-letter code.

The list even includes the Klingon language from the Star Trek science fiction series.

Latest list.

There are also country codes.
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Next comes lists of Publisher Country Codes, Country Sequence, Language Codes, and Abbreviations, making sure users can quickly and efficiently navigate this guide.
We then brought the other authors, two doctoral students, into the analysis process, discussing the 36 oral language codes and grouping them into seven categories of oral language use.
They can now generate a preview Excel file with translations for filtered segments for all languages of a project, manage language codes in file names, and it is easier for them to estimate costs for new linguists who have not fully configured their rate cards.
Foreign language codes, she must have resolved, could be a plot to destroy the regional jet and kill dozens of innocent lives.
Material is well researched, with language codes and symbols explained.
Switching between language codes needs to be relevant and nonthreatening in order for them to have successes.
Arguments about the coarsening of language and imprisoning effects of "restricted" language codes are emerging from unlikely sources.
International educators present studies based on Bernstein's sociolinguistic theory of language codes (contrasted with Vgotsksy's) applied to communication of knowledge and values; and discourse on pedagogic identity and control per his last book, Pedagogy, Symbolic Control, and Identity (2000).
Only a good management of language codes and communication behavior allows SME's teams to imply themselves in international projects, where they can cover using their skills specific tasks, modules of the project proposed by the big enterprises who are leading the field.
In addition, certain English language learners observed at the elementary level are seen to experience a kind of dual language delay--a natural period of adjustment to parallel but distinct language codes in the child's environment.
Other standards that can be incorporated into Dublin Core element tags include international standards for language codes, country codes, standards for rendering author names, and so on.
The language codes documents and messages in a way that allows computers to exchange information and act on it.

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