borough (1990 pop. 16,362), Montgomery co., SE Pa.; inc. 1872. It is a farm-processing and industrial center. Manufactures include food products, building materials, apparel, and plumbing equipment. The Jenkins House there dates from 1702.
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The Road Not Taken: Edward Lansdale and the American Tragedy in Vietnam, Max Boot, Liveright, 768 pages
Summary: The Vietnam War may have gone very differently had Edward Lansdale prevailed
Environmental Protection Agency is announcing significant improvement in 2017 through the deletion of all or parts of seven Superfund sites from the National Priorities List (NPL), including the North Penn 6 site in Lansdale, Pennsylvania.
Though Lansdale never commanded a war effort or even fired a gun in battle, he was a pivotal figure in the Vietnam era, influential enough to have been the inspiration for both the naive villain of Graham Greene's The Quiet American and the hero of William Lederer and Eugene Burdick's The Ugly American.
Lansdale, and deftly illustrated by Golden Age comic book master and WWII veteran, Sam J.
com)-- First Capital Advisors, LLC (FCA) purchased Silk Factory Lofts in Lansdale, Penn.
Stanzi and her friends, China, Lansdale, and Gustav, feel ready to crack from the pressures in their lives.
The boy, understood to be 11 years old, was eventually winched to safety in a "safe and well" condition by firefighters at Lansdale Drive, Tonteg, near Pontypridd.
Shea and his wife Amy of Lansdale, PA, Mary Ellen Shea of Natick and Patricia A.
THE EDGE OF DARK WATER by Joe R Lansdale (Mulholland Books pounds 12.
After obtaining degrees in business and architecture, Jon Lansdale felt he was on his way to becoming the next Frank Lloyd Wright.
Funding of a $2,000,000 loan under the Fannie Mae DUS Small Loan product line for the 96-unit complex known as Lansdale Gardens Apartments in Norfolk, VA.