Lansere, Evgenii

Lansere, Evgenii Aleksandrovich


Born Aug. 12 (24), 1848, in Morshansk, in present-day Tambov Oblast; died Mar. 23 (Apr. 4), 1886, in the village of Neskuchnoe, in presentday Kharkov Raion, Kharkov Oblast. Russian sculptor.

Lansere executed small statuettes and sculptural groups. Primarily creating representations of animals, he also depicted scenes from the lives of Russian peasants and of the peoples of the Caucasus and Middle Asia. In these works Lansere demonstrated his keen power of observation and his mastery in conveying the gestures of people and the habits of animals. Lansere also created works of decorative and applied art, including inkwells and candlesticks. A number of his works were intended to be mass-produced at the Kasli Cast Iron Plant in the Urals.


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