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A downy covering of hair, especially that seen on the fetus or persisting on the adult body.
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the very fine hair covering the body of the seven-month and eight-month human fetus; most falls out before birth.

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Severe acanthosis nigricans of the neck, axillae, the external genitalia and antecubital regions, generalized lanugo, mildly decreased subcutaneous fat, coarse face, large ears, high nasal bridge, upturned nose, abnormalities of the teeth, gingival hyperplasia, and polydactyly in her left hand were noted (Figure 1).
Lanugo hair and sebaceous hyperplasia were commonly seen in neonates weighing below 2 kg whereas miniature puberty was seen in neonates above 2 kg.
A second coat of shorter, fine unpigmented lanugo hair then
TABLE 2 Physical exam findings that suggest the female athlete triad (1) Exam component Findings Vitals Low BP or orthostasis, bradycardia, weight fluctuations or significant weight loss, high or low BMI General Anxious, overly thin, paleness, fatigue, arrested growth, delayed puberty, dry hair or hair loss HEENT Dental erosions/caries, enlarged parotid glands, dry mucous membranes Cardiovascular Sinus bradycardia or other arrhythmias, postural or nonpostural hypotension Gastrointestinal Discomfort, full abdomen/constipation, rectal prolapse Musculoskeletal Muscle weakness, bone pain, joint pain, scoliosis Extremities Edema Neurologic Peripheral neuropathy Skin Lanugo, hand abrasions, dry skin BMI, body mass index; BP, blood pressure; HEENT, head, eyes, ears, nose, and throat.
Cause of mortality was determined for 6 of the 9 (67%) necropsied lanugo pups.
The external surface is waxy bronze-brown, with lanugo at the base and longitudinal grooves; the internal surface is glabrous and golden, but after opening, it oxidizes, changing in color.
It contains swallowed amniotic fluid, bile salts, bile pigments, cholesterol, mucin, pancreatic enzymes, intestinal enzymes, squamous cells, lanugo hair and other cellular debris.[sup.7]
The neurological signs which were estimated in the initial and final testing were represented by: posture, hand flexion on the forearm, leg dorsiflexion, arm retraction, leg retarction, popliteal angle, heel to ear, scarf sign, head suspension, ventral suspension and out of the external features, the following were estimated: tegument texture, edema, skin colour, skin opacity, lanugo, plantar ridge, nipple formation, breast size, ear consistency, feminine genital organs (with hips in semiabduction).
Hair on the head is lost while downy hair (lanugo) growth all over the body increases.
Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 The match ended in a tie; 2 Yitzak Rabin; 3 Lanugo; 4 Father Brown; 5 Wealth; 6 Winston Churchill; 7 Tom Keating; 8 Pauline Farnell; 9 Chocolate cakes; 10 Albania.