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A downy covering of hair, especially that seen on the fetus or persisting on the adult body.



the very fine hair covering the body of the seven-month and eight-month human fetus; most falls out before birth.

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Lanugo hair and sebaceous hyperplasia were commonly seen in neonates weighing below 2 kg whereas miniature puberty was seen in neonates above 2 kg.
A second coat of shorter, fine unpigmented lanugo hair then
Cause of mortality was determined for 6 of the 9 (67%) necropsied lanugo pups.
Progress by 3 points was recorded for tegument texture, edema, skin colour and plantar ridges, by 2 points at skin opacity, nipple formation, ear consistency and feminine genital organs (with hips in semiabduction), and by 1 point at lanugo, breast size and ear shape.
Physical symptoms of athletes with eating disorders Dermatological/dental Cardiovascular Hair loss Bradycardia Lanugo hair Hypotension Dorsal hand callus or abrasions Dental and gum problems Endocrine Gastrointestinal Hypoglycaemia Swollen parotid glands Delayed onset of puberty Constipation/diarrhoea Menstrual dysfunction Postprandial distress Stress fractures Renal CNS/Other Dehydration Significant weight loss Oedema Frequent weight fluctuations Electrolyte disturbances Extreme fatigue Hypokalaemia Muscle weakness Muscle cramps Hyperactivity Metabolic alkalosis Anaemia
Makaslama kuvvetine bileske uzantilari bulunmaz karsi dayaniksizlik, laserasyon riski [up arrow] Dermis Kolajen-e lastik lifler --Elastisite [down arrow] [down arrow] [down arrow] --Bul gelisimi [up arrow] Melanozomlar Term bebegin --Ultraviyole hasarina 1/3'-u kadar karsi duyarlilik [up arrow] Ekrin bezler Total anhidroz --Termal strese [down arrow] yanit Sebase bezler Normal --Bariyer ozelligi, lubrikan ve antibakteriyel etkinliki Killar Kalici lanugo --Gestasyon yasinin killari belirlenmesinde faydalidir Subkutan [down arrow] --Termoregulasyon Yag Dokusu [down arrow] guclugu (+) Vazomotor Immatur --Transkutanoz isi Fonksiyon kaybi [up arrow] --Harlequin renk degisikligi vb.
Lanugo medullasi olmayan killardir, intrauterin hayatta olusur ve dogumdan sonra ilk birkac ay kalir.
El lanugo es un vello perceptible, fino y escaso que se observa principalmente en el cuero cabelludo, la frente, las mejillas, los hombros y la espalda.
SHE would also need to spend extra time in the beauty salon as she would develop Lanugo - the growth of fine hair on the body, which is the body's attempt to keep itself warm when fat stores are empty.
El calostro facilita y ayuda a limpiar el aparato digestivo de restos de lanugo y celulas por el tragado de liquido amniotico en la epoca intrauterina.
Encontra-se, ainda, pele fria e palida, estrutura ossea proeminente (sendo a osteopenia e a osteoporose frequentes) e o paciente aparenta ter mais idade; e comum, tambem, queda de cabelos, aparecimento de lanugo (fina camada de pelos sobre a pele) e de petequias e equimoses (problemas de pele).
At three of the 14 sites (2 in 2005 and 1 in 2007), we confirmed that a newborn ringed seal pup had been captured by the abundance of blood and white lanugo remaining on the ice after the pup had been totally consumed.