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Part three focuses on the structure of Laos with regards to religion.
He expanded the war in a way that harmed Laos. He then served as Henry Kissinger's agent, telling the Laotians that they were essentially on their own after the Paris Peace Agreement in 1973.
Laos' major deficiencies include legal persons not being covered under existing legislation, though this should change with the new penal code, expected in mid-2017; lack of oversight for MVTS providers; and weak implementation capacity.
Operation Momentum began in 1961 as a modest effort to recruit, train, and arm guerrilla fighters from the Hmong, one of the largest ethnic minority groups in Laos. Concerned about what a stronger national government under the Communists would mean for the freedom of his people, the Hmong leader, Vang Pao, preferred to fight for a weak, decentralized, noncommunist state.
It is difficult to read policy in Laos because its leaders are so uncommunicative, but Western diplomats have detected some shifts.
With the rainy season underway shortly, now is the time to think about booking your Laos trip - and what better incentive than a Good Weather Guarantee!
Target business opportunities and risks in Cambodia, Laos's telecoms sector through our reviews of latest industry trends, regulatory changes and major deals, projects and investments in Cambodia, Laos.
bilateral assistance to Laos is devoted to improving health and child nutrition.
A landlocked nation in Southeast Asia, Laos occupies the northwest side of the Indochinese peninsula.
The 6-5 win for Laos over Qatar was a tale of two halves.
Development of hydraulic power generation has been actively pursued in Laos where plenty of water resources are available from large rivers like the Mekong River.
Aksavang Vongvichit from the Laos Ministry of Health will be among the speakers at the Summit held in Singapore on the 12th and 13th June this year.