Lap siding

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lap siding

[′lap ‚sīd·iŋ]
(building construction)
Beveled boards used for siding that are similar to clapboards but longer and wider.
(civil engineering)
Two railroad sidings, the turnout of one overlapping that of the other.
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Lap siding

The siding that looks like individual boards, typically 8–12 feet long. Each piece of siding is lapped over the piece below it to provide a waterproof covering for the house.
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clapboard, bevel siding, lap siding

A wood siding commonly used as an exterior covering on a building of frame construction; applied horizontally and overlapped, with the grain running lengthwise; thicker along the lower edge than along the upper.
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When either approach is used with clapboards or lap siding, the end grain of every other piece of siding is left exposed, so the wood must be carefully sealed to prevent it from absorbing moisture.
* Provincetown[R] and Yorktown[R] beaded lap siding
When clients visit the new showroom, they're able to look at fiber cement, vinyl brick, stucco, and cedar lap siding. Or, they can examine the windows and other products built into "buildings" that frame the town square, where Thompson presides in the "Mayor's Office." Clients can "window-shop" down "Selections Lane," opening windows to touch products in displays maintained by vendors.
The holes are often located between bricks where mortar has fallen out, under lap siding or in cracks in stucco.
James Hardie Hardiplank: the features and benefits of the company's lap siding.
"From the lap siding, the corner boards, and the cedar look-alike gables, to the soffit, fascia, and the eyebrow work on the arches above, they're all Hardie siding products.
sheets or planks for lap siding. There are versions for trim boards and soffits too.
* siding--vary it with the architectural character: lap siding of varying widths, board and batten, shingles, "half timbered" (battens over stucco board); and
Hatteras Western red cedar one- or two-course cedar panels are designed to be installed at the same speed and labor cost of lap siding. The mixed-grain shingles offer a distinctive textured appearance and are applied to a panel with traditional-looking 1/8-inch open keyways.