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A method of visually examining the peritoneal cavity by means of a long slender endoscope equipped with sheath, obturator, biopsy forceps, a sphygmomanometer bulb and tubing, scissors, and a syringe; the endoscope is introduced into the peritoneal cavity through a small incision in the abdominal wall. Also known as peritoneoscopy.
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the diagnostic examination of the abdominal cavity and its organs through a puncture of the abdominal wall with an optical instrument called a laparoscope; first performed in 1901 by the Russian obstetrician-gynecologist D. O. Otto.

The laparoscope consists of a trocar (a stylet with a sheath); an illumination and optical system; and attachments for taking a piece of tissue or organ, still and motion pictures, and X-ray contrasts of the biliary tract. The laparoscopy is performed with local anesthesia under aseptic conditions. The choice of site for the puncture depends on the region or organ being examined. A single puncture allows examination of the organs of the abdominal cavity and peritoneum within limits defined by the length of the optical system.

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Laparoscopic surgery tends to play a more important tole in the treatment of pediatric surgical disease because of its advantages of minimal invasion and wide field of vision, and the application of laparoscope in the treatment of choledochal cyst has been reported to have increased.12 As children have small volume of abdominal cavity, poor tolerance to pneumoperitoneum and precise biliary-intestinal anastomosis, laparoscopic choledochal cystectomy are challenging.
The bag must be correctly in place and fully insufflated before the laparoscope is inserted.
Inayat Ur Rehman head of pediatric laparoscope surgery unit said that the facility was started for the first time in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and with this facility they will operate children without huge surgery and operate them technically as not only the patients will soon recover while it will also secure time of the doctors.
Follow Me enables the image-guided laparoscope to follow laparoscopic surgical tools without manual control.
The open (Hasson) technique consists of an initial incision into the peritoneum allowing direct visualization of the insertion of a blunt trocar, before gas insufflation and laparoscope introduction.
laparoscope, creating a barrier of dry gas over the lens that shields it from condensation, smoke and debris.
Chen, division chief of MIRDC, indicated the zone will target image-guided surgical navigation robot, telesurgery surgical robot, real-time video transmission integrating system, and laparoscopes.
An incision is made near your belly button through which the laparoscope will be inserted.
The laparoscope is commonly used to perform liver biopsies and to detect abdominal abnormalities such as tumors or cancerous growths.
It is believed Ryan was anaesthetised before a laparoscope - a small flexible tube that contains a light source and a camera - was inserted through his belly button.
Washington, Mar 25 (ANI): A surgeon at Fox Chase Cancer Center has successfully performed the world's first minimally invasive distal pancreatectomy using the ViKY system's revolutionary robotic, compact laparoscope holder.

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