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The aims and objectives of the study are to compare the diagnostic laparoscopy and sonosalpingography in evaluation of tubal patency in infertility and to compare accuracy, positive predictive value and efficacy of sonosalpingogram with that of diagnostic laparoscopy in assessment of tubal patency.
In our institution, we have been able to offer operative laparoscopy to nearly all women, irrespective of location of the ectopic pregnancy or haemodynamic status, but this has taken time, effort and education of all involved in the management of ectopic pregnancy.
Conclusion: Laparoscopy in our clinical setup has significant role in diagnosing cases of vague abdominal pain which cannot be diagnosed by routine investigations.
Due to the presence of complex ovarian cyst, the patient underwent laparoscopy After induction of anesthesia, carbon dioxide (CO ) pneumoperitoneum was created using Veress needle insertion technique.
Another advantage of laparoscopy is the reduced infection rate because delicate tissues do not get exposed to air during the surgery.
17) Thus, it is likely that patients with ovarian cancer are being selected for laparotomy or traditional laparoscopy rather than robotic surgery.
Through modern technology in laparoscopy the surgeon needs to makes only a small hole in the abdomen.
In recent years, in fact, use of the robot has grown faster than use of laparoscopy for benign hysterectomy.
Sunita Tandulwadkar is well-known, not just in India, but also globally for her esteemed efforts in laparoscopy and gynecologic endoscopy.
He said that laparoscopy is one of the most common surgical procedures performed in many parts of the world.
However, this surgery was performed through laparoscopy, which is minimally invasive but requires special equipment, technology and highly trained medical staff," the doctor said.
The median operative time for extraperitoneal lymphadenectomy was 339 minutes, compared with 286 minutes for the transperitoneal laparoscopy group and 297 for the transperitoneal robotic group.