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, Finn. Lappi, Nor. Lapland, Swed. Lappland, vast region of N Europe, largely within the Arctic Circle. It includes the Norwegian provinces of Finnmark and Troms and part of Nordland; the Swedish historic province of Lappland; N Finland; and the Kola
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(Laplanders; self-designation, Sameh), a people living on the Kola Peninsula in the RSFSR (approximately 1,900 persons; 1970 census) and in northern Norway (approximately 20,000), Sweden (approximately 7,000), and Finland (approximately 2,000). They speak the Lapp language. The Scandinavian Lapps are Lutherans, and the Kola Lapps were formerly members of the Orthodox Church. The Lapps are the indigenous inhabitants of the northern regions of Karelia, Finland, and Scandinavia; they formerly lived in the more southerly regions as well. The traditional occupations of the Lapps are fishing, hunting, and reindeer breeding. In the USSR, some Lapp kolkhozes breed dairy animals, and others engage in fur farming as well.


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Although Emilie doesn't mention such mundane details in With the Lapps in the High Mountains, her letters reveal she immediately made an appointment with the dentist, bought shoes and a summer dress, and some supplies for herself and the Sami.
The suit he will wear later has weaves and embellishments only a Lapp woman can create; high-holiday wear is even more spectacular, his Hat of the Four Winds having sharp corners and multicolored ribbons streaming in the wind.
On older cars, Maaco services many times increase the value," Lapps said.
That complex had a small hail for the Sami Parliament (Sameting), the democratically elected body (founded in 1989) which looks after Lapp affairs.
We don't want to run ourselves too far into debt,'' said Lapp, a 40-year-old homemaker.
According to Lapps, Maaco has close to 500 locations that provide auto painting and body repair services for over 12,000 vehicles a week, 700,000 a year, more than any other company in North America.
Karasjok is the Norwegian capital of the Lapps, north of the top of Sweden, and only a few kilometres west of the Finnish border.
Lapps suggests the following ways car owners can rejuvenate the appearance of their automobiles:
Tony's ability to help franchisees succeed in business was not limited to the automotive field," said Lapps.
Lapps has held numerous senior leadership roles with healthcare companies and organizations, including Voluntary Hospitals of America, Baptist Hospital in Nashville, HealthNet and Community Health Partnerships.
Rather than abandonment in 538 as Lapp supposes, the abundance of Persian material indicates that Tell el-Ful began to revive again at the end of the sixth century, at the beginning of the Persian period.
The translations of the Lord's Prayer into Sombio, Inari and Paatsjoki Lapp have been published by A.