laparoscopic surgery

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laparoscopic surgery:

see endoscopeendoscope,
any instrument used to look inside the body. Usually consisting of a fiber-optic tube attached to a viewing device, endoscopes are used to explore and biopsy such areas as the colon and the bronchi of the lungs.
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Now, technologies of all types are essential for every element of our daily work, from the telephone system to email and networked computer system in the administration department, to CT scanner, laproscopic surgery equipment, lab analysers, ultrasound and digital X ray on the clinical side, digital technology is central to everything we do.
A randomized trial comparing single dose systemic methotrexate and laproscopic surgery for the treatment of unruptured tubal pregnancy.
Abdul Sattar Jatoi informed that laproscopic surgery of liver patients was already being carried out in the hospital while a team of surgeons was also getting training of liver transplantation and soon the facility of liver transplantation will be available in the hospital for poor patients of the province.
Tenders are invited for Supply and installation of full high definition laproscopic surgery set
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"Laproscopic surgery often requires some rigid pieces, and movement to control them from the outside causes stress on the tissues," Lee said.
Timely laproscopic surgery by surgeons at RAK Hospital helped resolve a post delivery abdominal pain and saved the life of an Omani woman who was suffering from an inflamed gall bladder and rupture of the colon.
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The use of such technology was first elaborated in major open and laproscopic surgery that makes life easy for the surgeon11,12.