Large White Hog

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Large White Hog


a breed of large, early-maturing swine of universal use.

The Large White developed in England in the 19th century by crossing local late-maturing breeds with the early-maturing China and the fecund Neapolitan and Portuguese breeds. The Large White was repeatedly introduced into Russia, where it acclimatized well.

In the USSR, as a result of long-term breeding work, an essentially new, Soviet, breed has been developed, represented by three types: meat, bacon (the majority), and lard. The animals are well proportioned and have a strong constitution. They have adapted well to various climatic conditions and are quick to mature. The adult boars weigh 300–350 kg; the sows, 200–250 kg. The sows are fecund (10–12 and more shoats per farrow), great milkers (lactescence, 75–80 kg), and good mothers. The breed are fattened up for meat, bacon, and lard. With intensive fattening for meat, the young pigs reach 100 kg by six months (consuming 3.9–4 feed units per kg weight increase).

The Large White is the basic breed used in the USSR (86 percent of the total purebred swine). The breed is raised almost everywhere. It is used for commercial crossing with other breeds, (as an upgrader) and it is exported to many nations.

The English Large White (formerly known as the Yorkshire) had an enormous influence on world swine raising, participating in the development of a number of breeds in Europe, Asia, and North America. Regardless of the changing demands of the consumer, the breed has played a very important role in the world production of pork throughout the 100 years of its existence. Because of its flexible genetic structure and excellent capacity for acclimatization, the Large White is raised in almost all European countries and in China, Korea, Japan, the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.


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