Larion Ivanovich Ivanov

Ivanov, Larion Ivanovich


Date of birth unknown; died May 15 (25), 1682. Russian statesman, dumnyi d’iak (state secretary) from 1669.

Ivanov played an important role during the reigns of Aleksei Mikhailovich and Fedor Alekseevich, executing important governmental assignments and serving as secretary (d’iak) of several prikazy (offices). After the removal of A.S. Matveev, he headed the Posol’skii Prikaz (Foreign Office) from 1676 to 1682 and the Novgorod financial department (chef); to all intents and purposes he directed foreign policy in the government of Tsar Fedor Alekseevich and was among those who were closest to him. During the uprising of May 15, 1682, in Moscow, he was murdered by the strel’tsy (semiprofessional musketeers).


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