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An early optical videodisc technology for movies and training. Introduced in 1978, Pioneer LaserDisc players came out two years later and became the choice for commercial use. Never widely used, by the 1990s, LaserDiscs were superseded by Video CDs and then DVDs.

LaserDiscs Were Analog
Based on LaserVision (combination of MCA Disco-Vision and Philips Video Long Play), the LaserDisc recorded an analog composite video signal on a continuous, spiraling track (see CLV). Each side of the 12" platter held one hour of video in 108,000 frames.

For interactive training and games, a circular track held one video frame (see CAV), and 54,000 frames provided 30 minutes of video per side. The first LaserDiscs recorded analog audio, but digital audio was later added, and newer players supported multiple language soundtracks. See CED.

Pioneer LaserDisc Player
The LaserDisc platter looks like a monster next to a DVD. Nevertheless, in the 1980s, the LaserDisc was very high tech.
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So this game, "Dragon's Lair," relied on traditional cartoons recorded on LaserDiscs, which featured much faster random access than videotape.
So I made a barcode linked to video of the downing of the USS Arizona from a laserdisc, and put it in the book.
A videocassette is available, and a new state-of-the-art version has recently appeared on LaserDisc. Washington Square Press has even reissued a paperback edition of Powell and Pressburger's novelization of their own screenplay (it doesn't read too well on the printed page, but no matter).
In addition, this configuration requires the use of a special audio/video digitizing board that can process the analog feed from the tape or laserdisc. As a result, video is presented on the screen at 30fps with a high-quality picture.
However, its first foray was with a laserdisc used primarily for high-quality movies, not with the compact disc used until then only for music recording.) Bibliofile was followed by Grolier's first CD-ROM encyclopedia (which I still keep and use lovingly on my non-Windows laptop), and H.W.
Of course I saw it under ideal conditions that made it sound like it was recorded by Nine Inch Nails, and anyway I'm someone who'd already watched the current Hong Kong flick Naked Killer five times on bootleg laserdisc before it was even released in the U.S.
For example, Abby used an interactive computer laserdisc program to discover desert animals' behavioral and structural adaptations.
Side one of this laserdisc is a documentary film introducing us to the rising young Roman mezzo, Cecilia Bartoli.
This privatization of government information, coupled with the decentralization of information distribution made possible by microcomputer-driven laserdisc products, makes impractical (if not impossible) restrictions on sensitive information.
These productions been so contentiously scrutinized and debated that their appearance on the London label in VHS videotape and laserdisc formats has been almost anticlimactic.
When quick access is needed, an attractive option that is often considered is the laserdisc format.
In fact, online resources are so ubiquitous and accessible that we must ask if traditional, school-based PD will go the way of the Walkman and the Laserdisc.