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An early optical videodisc technology for movies and training. Introduced in 1978, Pioneer LaserDisc players came out two years later and became the choice for commercial use. Never widely used, by the 1990s, LaserDiscs were superseded by Video CDs and then DVDs.

LaserDiscs Were Analog
Based on LaserVision (combination of MCA Disco-Vision and Philips Video Long Play), the LaserDisc recorded an analog composite video signal on a continuous, spiraling track (see CLV). Each side of the 12" platter held one hour of video in 108,000 frames.

For interactive training and games, a circular track held one video frame (see CAV), and 54,000 frames provided 30 minutes of video per side. The first LaserDiscs recorded analog audio, but digital audio was later added, and newer players supported multiple language soundtracks. See CED.

Pioneer LaserDisc Player
The LaserDisc platter looks like a monster next to a DVD. Nevertheless, in the 1980s, the LaserDisc was very high tech.
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In the 1990s, the education community embraced laserdiscs as a new technological teaching tool that offered unsurpassed video and audio, as well as greater storage capacity.
How did you get the idea to link the educational material stored on DVDs and laserdiscs with the library's print texts?
To show and discuss more examples of the possibilities of that media, you select images from a laserdisc with a barcode reader.
Because this is not always possible, however, students also rely on CD-ROM, laserdiscs, and more traditional resources.
Until recently, the major drawback to laserdiscs water their lack of recording capability.
"[Early adopters] are the same people who had laserdiscs," Gurlitz said.
DTS DVD software is promised and there is a growing range of DTS laserdiscs already joined with DTS CDs offering quite dazzling musical offerings.
The program, entering its second year, seeks to integrate LaserDiscs and other technologies into the classroom.
As a replacement for textbooks, we chose materials such as interactive software programs, laserdiscs, and Internet activities.