Lasker, Emanuel

Lasker, Emanuel

(āmä`no͞oĕl), 1868–1941, German chess player. He won the world championship in 1894 when he defeated Wilhelm SteinitzSteinitz, Wilhelm
, 1836–1900, German chess player. In 1866 he won a match from Adolf Anderssen, the leading player after Paul Morphy's retirement, and became world champion, although the title did not officially exist.
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 and held it until he was defeated by José Raúl CapablancaCapablanca, José Raúl
, 1888–1942, Cuban chess player, b. Havana. Champion of Cuba at the age of 12, he won the world's championship from Emanuel Lasker in 1921, retaining the title until he was defeated by Alexander Alekhine in 1927.
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 in 1921. Lasker studied the games of his opponents for their weaknesses and predilections in technique and played primarily against the temperament of his opponents. He was a master in closed positions.


See his Common Sense in Chess (1896; rev. ed. by D. A. Mitchell, 1965), Lasker's Manual of Chess (1934), and The Games of Emanuel Lasker, Chess Champion (ed. by J. Gilchrist, 2 vol., 1955–58).

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Lasker, Emanuel


Born Dec. 24, 1868, in Berlinchen (now Barlinek, Poland); died Jan. 13, 1941, in New York. German chess player. World champion from 1894 to 1921. Doctor of philosophy and of mathematics.

Lasker’s greatest successes were victories in world championship matches against W. Steinitz (1894, 1896–97), F. Marshall (1907), S. Tarrasch (1908), and D. M. Janowski (1909 and 1910) and tournament victories in New York (1893, 1924), St. Petersburg (1895–96, 1909, 1914), Nuremberg (1896), London (1899), Paris (1900), and Moravska Ostrava (1923). From 1934 to 1936 he lived in the USSR, having emigrated from fascist Germany; in these years he played as a representative of the USSR in international tournaments.


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