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At, pertaining to, or in the direction of the side; on either side of the medial vertical plane.
In a gas distribution or transmission system, a pipe branching away from the central, primary part of the system.
(mining engineering)
In horizon mining, a hard heading branching off a horizon along the strike of the seams.
A horizontal mine working.
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific & Technical Terms, 6E, Copyright © 2003 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

lateral sewer

A sewer which discharges into a branch or other sewer and has no other common sewer tributary to it.
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Architecture and Construction. Copyright © 2003 by McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.
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Lateral movement is the name for an attack method that describes what happens when connected systems and devices communicate with each other across a network-authentication and SMB brute-force behaviors are the most common applications of this method.
Admin tools triggered what are called "lateral movement anomalies," such as new admin behavior, remote code execution, and reverse connection (reverse shell), among others.
Owing to two-dimensional movements of bicycles, the update step in this CA model can be defined as two substeps: all the bicycles first update their lateral positions according to lateral movement rules and then decide their forward movements according to forward movement rules.
According to left lateral movement of Balarood flexure and right lateral movement of Kazeroun fault and also the existing folding in the mountainous flexure it seems Dezful embayment is more stable compared to adjacent areas regarding orogeny.
Unfortunately, the extra-musical text is either unhelpful--informing the pianist to go to a specific page, only to find no help on said page--or archaic--advising the pianist to avoid even the "slightest lateral movement" in a repeated note passage.
In standard dies, a longer lip land plays an important role in maintaining coat-weight uniformity, but it also makes possible more lateral movement of the melt, which generates edge bead.
'In most soils a good location for a tensiometer station is often next to the furrow, but it may be necessary to locate the porous cup under the furrow in orchard soils with little or no lateral movement of water during irrigation.
There's more lateral movement. But Rohit has the technique.
Based on the proven design of Thorworld's 10,000kg capacity Type 7 ramp, the bespoke models have been specifically designed for lateral movement with the inclusion of telescopic legs.
Not much work has been done to use cables for bracing tall buildings against the lateral movement produced by natural forces like wind and earthquakes.
The last straw came on Saturday in the opening match of the league season against Ross County, when the club said seats were damaged and fans had engaged in unsafe "lateral movement".
The club say concerns in the section include "overcrowding, moshing, body surfing, lateral movement and broken seating".

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